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Jimmy’s Gyros- Always Delicious, Always Fresh

Meal times become a feast with juicy gyros by Jimmy’s Pita & Poke. Our gyros offer the perfect combination of textures and flavors- juicy meat mixed with fresh and crisp veggies, topped with lip-smacking sauces- you cannot go wrong with a gyro!


Perfection in a Bowl- Get the Best Pita Gyros near You

If you are in Tucson and thinking about where to find the best gyros near me, wonder no more! Jimmy's brings the ultimate range of signature pita bowls.

A delightful twist to the traditional favorite Greek gyros, The Hercules contains a mix of chicken gyros cooked in a special sauce, grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms, and feta.

Picture succulent slices of perfectly seasoned meat nestled atop a fresh, soft, and warm pita, layered with smoked veggies and delightful sauce- meals on the go don't get better than this.

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Make Gyros your way

You will come once for our gyros- you will keep coming back for the experience!

Imagine creating your own pita gyros bowl tailored to your taste palate that makes your taste buds sing. Choose gyro and your choice of veggies and sauces to have your perfect meal. Our custom pita bowls enable you to have gyros in different ways so you can enjoy a unique flavor experience every time, adding your unique touch to every tasting experience.

Choose your preferred protein

Select from our range of chicken, steak, gyros, or falafel toppings.

Select Your Pita Veggies

Select from a range of greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, grilled vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, onions or mushrooms, jalapenos and pickles.

Select your sauce

Take the taste up a notch by adding a flavorful sauce. We offer a whole range to choose from, including spicy ranch, honey mustard, chipotle mayo and ranch, and the classic hummus and tzatziki.

Choose your topping

Pick from a choice of melted cheddar, pepper jack, or feta

Your customized gyro is ready!

Marinated to perfection and cooked to tender perfection, the gyros at Jimmy's are a delightful blend of spices and succulent meat. Savor the distinct taste in your custom gyro pita bowl.

Order the perfect gyros near you today!

At Jimmy's Poke & Pita, we proudly serve gyros that capture the essence of authentic Greek cuisine and offer our signature touch to give you a unique experience. The use of fresh and quality ingredients ensures you enjoy the best taste every time. Try our gyros and experience a taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Located on University Blvd and North West Tucson, we offer pickup and delivery both. Place your order online according to your location or pickup from us directly. Have a query? Contact us! 

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FAQs- Let's uncover some delicious details!

What is a classic Gyro?

Greek gyros, the authentic Greek sandwiches, are made from meat slices that are stacked around a metal skewer and are baked vertically on a rotisserie. The meat is topped with tangy tzatziki sauce and sprinkled with smoked Greek paprika. The meat that is the star of the dish (can be lamb or beef seasoned with salt, spices, and herbs) is laid on pita bread, along with vegetables, and topped with sauces. A great meal to have when you are on the go!

How to eat a gyro?

To eat a gyro the traditional way, tear a piece of pita bread, dip it in the sauce, put a piece of meat and veggies on top, and take a bite.

Is a gyro eaten hot or cold?

Although you can enjoy a gyro both in hot or cold form, it tastes best when eaten hot. However, if you are eating a gyro in cold form, please ensure the meat has been cooked properly. At Jimmy's, we always cook our meat to perfection and use fresh ingredients, so you do not stop with just one and keep coming back for more. 

Are gyros a healthy meal option?

Gyros are rich in iron, which is essential for various body functions, including red blood cell production, metabolism, etc. The meat is grilled, and you can add fresh vegetables with a choice of a healthy sauce to make a well-balanced and healthy meal option.

What is the difference between chicken gyros and Greek gyros?

The main difference between chicken and Greek gyros lies in the choice of meat. Chicken gyros, as the name suggests, have marinated chicken as the primary protein. These offer a leaner option compared to the more traditional Greek gyros, which typically use lamb meat. The seasoning and flavors of the two variants may also vary slightly based on the meat used.

Do you offer vegetarian options in your signature pita bowls?

While most of our menu for pita bowls revolves around chicken, steak, or gyro, we do offer falafel as a vegetarian option. You can try the Franklin from our signature pita bowl range. It comprises falafel with your choice of greens with tomato, onions, cucumber, and feta with tzatziki or hummus. You can also opt for a different choice of veggies.




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